We offer a wide range of affordable products.


Easirail is exactly what it says, a handrail system that can be installed anywhere around your property, making it easier to ascend & descend stairs, or even just to hold onto whilst walking down a path.

With just little information from a site survey this can be fitted within 10-12 working days.

Step unit

These step units are fully adjustable to your needs, making access a lot easier whilst still being affordable. This product is 100% reusable at any other property.

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Threshold ramp

Threshold ramp is a bespoke internal and external ramp. Dependant on size this can be made up within an hour. Leaving a nice clean finish and no mess caused in the process.

Please contact us to learn more about this product.

Modular ramp

This is our favourite product to use. These ramps are made to size, using carefully designed sections to provide an exact measurement. With add-ons such as gate units and step units also available. Gaining access to your building has never been easier. Modular ramps can be installed anywhere including private properties, schools, hospitals, public building etc. The main base can also be changed from a mesh top to other surfaces, to suit the use of the ramp.

This product comes in a standard green or black colour, but can also be made to your personal preference colour, with a little longer lead time.